AIADMK crisis: Dhinakaran faction files caveat in EC as rivals move to stake claim to ‘two leaves’ symbol

The battle for supremacy in the AIADMK has come to the doors of the Electoral Commission on Tuesday with the Dhinakaran faction that claims to be the real party and present a warning before the Electoral Commission to be heard before the polling body takes a decision on any means submitting the faction consisting of O and panneerselvam Edappadi K Palaniswamy after its recent merger.

Not to be outdone, the group leaders resulting from the merger of factions led by panneerselvam and Palaniswamy met in New Delhi to address the Commission, probably on Wednesday, in recognition of the AIADMK’s true identity and the symbol ” two sheets .

Ministers from Tamil Nadu D Jayakumar, CV Shanmugham, Thangamani and former MP Manoj Pandian met at the residence of MP V Maitreyan and discussed the relocation of the Commission’s strategy.

The day began with the head of the Karnataka unit Pugazhendi AIADMK and the district secretary of Namakkal Anbazhagan, a former Member of Parliament, filing a petition with the Commission following reports that rival factions of the leaders would submit the withdrawal of previous sworn statements by their respective factions, freezing the “two-leaf” symbol earlier this year.

As the respondents in the case, General Secretary VK Sasikala and Secretary General TTV Dhinakaran belonging to the AIADMK faction (Amma) should be heard in the case, Pugazhendi told the press after filing the petition.

He said his faction also updated the Commission with the latest set of office chairmen in the party and also eliminate some of them.

Following J. Jayalalithaa’s death, rival factions had approached the Commission requesting the “two-leaf” symbol to challenge RK Nagar’s mount election in April that was canceled on allegations of the use of monetary power to influence the outcome.

During the election, the panneerselvam faction was recognized as AIADMK (Puratchi Thalaivi Amma) and Dhinakaran faction was recognized as AIADMK (Amma). Dhinakaran challenged the election as AIADMK candidate (Amma).

However, in a dramatic turnaround, the two factions met last week in order to isolate and Sasikala Dhinakaran after stating that their appointment to the posts of Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General was not valid.

The OP and EPS groups are likely to ask the Commission to request shortly to withdraw their previous statements alleging that they have been merged and that the unit has been registered in the game.

They may require thawing the “two-leaf” symbol and assigning it to the merged factions. Maitreyan told reporters that the government led by Palaniswamy was stable and that the rivals presented unfounded accusations.

Jayakumar said the party would be run according to the four resolutions passed at the meeting of senior officials on Monday and that there were no changes.

Meanwhile, the DMK has called for more time with President Ram Nath Kovind to urge him to ensure an immediate land survey in Tamil Nadu for the Palaniswamy government proves its majority.

He said that the DMK deputies, Congress, leftist parties and the Muslim League will be part of the delegation to invite the President.

On Sunday, the DMK and its allies asked Governor Tamil Nadu CH. Vidyasagar Rao and demanded an immediate floor test at the state assembly.

The head of the Dhinakaran faction, Thangatamilselvan, told reporters after meeting with Dhinakaran that his group had solid support of 25 and 10 MLA MLA touch “sleeping cell” and soon number 40.

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