Kapil Sharma: I will return with The Kapil Sharma Show after promoting Firangi, have no plans to leave Sony

Kapil Sharma began as a permanent comedian, won the challenge of the Great Laughter of India and launched his own comedy programs. It soon became a household name and became a favorite of all age groups, ie children or the elderly with their unworthy mood. But, recently, things began to collapse for this actor actor. His unfaithful tiff in mid-air with Sunil Grover pointed his fingers at him to be arrogant and many members of The Kapil Sharma Show preferred to stay away from the comedian. In addition, reports of him making stars, including Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor among others, wait long hours just to cancel the fuel injection added to the fire. Finally, Sony and Kapil mutually decided to give the show a temporary hiatus with the promise to return more and more.

But still, the vine was abominable with many accusations. Then, Kapil, soon to release his second major screen debut, Firangi, in an interview with Pune Mirror, responded to his version of the story. In the process of making sure that Shah Rukh and others are waiting for him to be busy wrapping the Shoang of Firangi, the comedian said, “Firangi was wrapped up in March with just a promotional video and a song left to be Spend My Own hard earned money to produce a movie in which I participate and that I want to promote well.I charge my fees by hosting television programs and events in the movie.I’m crazy to compromise my biggest source of income by ensuring that Shah Rukh Khan is waiting – those who call me arrogant and selfish do not know how much Shah Rukh has been to me, how much love and respect for me. does not want anyone to wait, whether a superstar or not.

I am very sick and I do not have the energy to continue sending denials. “Kapil fainted in the series when SRK and Anushka were there to promote Jab Harry Sejal Facing his ill health The report of his ill health continued to circulate and was said Kapil is now in Bengaluru and undergoes Ayurvedic treatment and stated: “I have been working for 10 years without interruption and I needed medical help to combat anxiety, blood pressure and sugar problems and correct an unbalanced diet. I thought it was better to take a break before another problem I could not control. After ignoring my health for all these years, I focus on it now. “He also shared that he had a very good relationship with the Sony channel and if it had been someone else in his place, they would not have supported him yet in his bad days.

“I have a wonderful relationship with the Sony team, and another channel would have pushed me hard to continue, but the Sony bosses never threatened him, could not afford to cancel another, then I called them and asked them to take a break, and they were and they supported me a lot, I will complete my medical course and start promoting my film before returning to the show. They do not intend to leave Sony, “shouted Kapil. Kapil was accused of throwing a comic shoe Ami Sunil Grover during his bout, but Kapil denied the allegations by saying he had never thrown a shoe at any of his friends. “I admit that everything was wrong, I faced 50 things and I could not handle things right.” My best wishes are always with Sunil, “Kapil said about the fight.

Finally, talking about her relationship with Preeti Simoes, the creative creative comedy Night With Kapil, said: “Well before she (Preeti) joined me, I was doing Comedy Circus and Laughter Challenge. I would like to wish him all the best with his own Drama Company now. “Adding to this, the actor said:” Personal equations have never been detrimental to my career, it is my health that If you fall, it’s your fault and no one else. “

The Kapil Sharma Show to go off air, The Drama Company to take its spot

There are many things in the Sony Entertainment Television office. After going through the whole fiasco over Pehredaar Piya Ki’s controversy, the channel has now decided to make shocking changes in its non-fiction genre. With the return of one of its most successful Super Dancer shows, the channel decided to give the Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) a break from the television. As the readers knew, Kapil went astray, causing his outbreaks to suffer. The return string has no new episodes to put on the air. Not wanting to disappoint his audience with the resumption of old episodes, he decided to implement some programming changes. An official channel spokesman said: “Kapil has been under the weather for some time, so we agreed to pause for a moment, but once Kapil has fully recovered, we will start shooting again, we appreciate our relationship with Kapil and we wish him a speedy recovery. “Super Dancer will take the time slot of The Drama Company from 8 am, while it will be pushed in time from Kapil from 9 pm. The chain waits for Kapil to recover and recover and well. If and when this happens, the show could have the 10-hour slot.

Upon arriving in Kapil, the comedy superstar was on the news to cancel outbreaks and send the Bollywood stars home. From Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor to Ajay Devgn and Aishwarya Rai, the actors after waiting for Kapil, should have returned after he failed to shoot. And all this would have created a bad image for Kapil, who would also have received a verbal warning from the chain. The news of this breakup may seem to be the result of his unprofessional attitude. However, during a last exclusive interview with indianexpress.com, Sony EVP and Business Head Danish Khan refuted all the bad blood between them and Kapil. He had mentioned: “There is Kapil as an artist, person and show.” As a channel, we are really proud of the artist and TKSS has been one of our most successful programs. we are no one to comment on his personal life, but for us it has offered a good show and it has spread smiles among our audience for a long time and keeps us very happy.

Sony TV and Kapil recently issued a statement on the extension of the contract and also to make changes to the show. Kapil said in a statement: “I am deeply touched by the warmth and love that the public has endowed us with over the years. It is their eternal belief and dedication that encourages us to continue to reinvent ourselves and bring smiles every week from the I am grateful to the Sony Entertainment Channel for believing in me and our program and helping us create and provide unlimited entertainment to every home every weekend. “Only time will tell what is happening in front of Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show. We are committed to keeping you up to date with all the latest developments.

India Must Make Sure There is no Repeat of Doklam Standoff, Says Ex-foreign Secretary

New Delhi: The resolution of the Doklam gap has been satisfactory for India, but a similar situation may not have a similar end, says former Foreign Minister Shyam Saran. In a powerful conversation with Anubha Bhonsle, CNN-News18’s Saran, whose book “How India Lives the World” was published on Thursday by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said India should be both cautious and firm in its ties with China. “The lesson we should not take is that we are able to handle it,” he said, adding that the government must be relieved, stagnation has not yet increased. Here are excerpts from the conversation with Shyam Saran, who was also Prime Minister Manmohan Singh special envoy on nuclear issues and climate change. Saran: My own view is that this was intended to convince Bhutan that it should go ahead with the border agreement between the two countries that worked for a while. Bhutan did not accept the terms proposed by China. China, as you know, was interested in establishing diplomatic relations and in trade with Bhutan.

My sense is that the question of Doklam has been an impetus for China not to advance. Maybe there was a side advantage in terms of China’s relations with India as well, but I do not think that was the main objective. And I think the very strong and vitriolic reaction was the element of surprise, because they did not expect this kind of confrontation with the Indian forces in the territory of Bhutan. From the point of view of India, it was a satisfactory spread of the situation, since we wanted a restoration of the status quo. In addition, the calendar of summits of the BRICS assured that the interest of China was that there was no disagreement. The important result of the Xiamen meeting is that we can be encouraged and hopeful. Anubha: Since the separation, it was supposed to be due to resolute resolution and diplomacy. And there is an underlying assumption that we can do it again if there is a Saran conflict: I do not think we should do that. We must be relieved because it could have increased. We must try to make sure we do not have to deal with a similar situation. We must not assume that we can solve it.

We must consider the fact that the context in which we deal with relations with China has changed. When I used to negotiate on climate change, our ally was China. Ten years later, when the Paris agreement is reached, the United States and China have their model. We must handle this relationship with a certain caution and firmness. This is something that needs constant attention. The lesson we should not draw is that we are capable of handling it. We must manage our border infrastructure well or we would not be able to treat it as well as we should. Anubha: What worries you about irritants and problems and what should we pay attention to? Saran: Take the example of the NSG problem. Above all, we wanted to thank you for the resignation. It would be important to have a membership. If the problems do not come from the Chinese opposition, this should not become a critical problem in our relationship with them. The list of terrorist groups in the UN is more of a problem for China because they are seen as opposing the fight against terrorism around the world.

I am very encouraged by the meeting and the statement. It is a complex relationship. There have always been elements of cooperation and confrontation. The challenge now is how we raise the importance of the areas where we have a common interest and how to minimize the possibility that some controversial issues will become bigger than life. Anubha: Is there a substantial difference in the way this government looks at Beijing from the previous regime? Saran: Every government has its own style. Modi believes that the personal leader of leadership relationships plays a very important role. In addition, there is more vigorous research and more attention to economic problems. Much of India’s foreign policy is continuity. The parameters have not changed much, but international problems continue to evolve and we must adapt to change. The basic foreign policy has been consistent.

Saran: Pakistan is a big challenge. We must leave the pattern of dialogue, disturbance, dialogue, disturbance. Whatever the problems, commitment to Pakistan is important precisely because it has major problems. Not only must we have pressure points to change this strategic calculation in Islamabad, but at the same time we must make sure that the assets we are dealing with in Pakistan, such as trading or treating people to relationships with people, is not affected . If the Pakistani actors want to come, welcome them, if the authors want to come, then why not. It must be a two-way approach. They need resources in terms of care to support the kind of commitment we need. But Pakistan should not take the attention we should give to all neighbors.

Saran: I think we have done well to say that we remain committed to the Paris agreement. I think we forget that India has a good story to tell in terms of global energy. The PM has made a personal commitment to the international network of solar or technological renewal. These are important initiatives. The energy consumption of India is decreasing. It is important to note that. Even historically, we have always seen the feeding of nature and not a dark force to conquer. Saran: Nuclear doctrine has served us well and has strengthened our nuclear capabilities. If doctrine changes, the infrastructure of the strategic nuclear program will also have to change. It is necessary and has served us well to repair things.

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