Trump administration to Congress: Defence cooperation with India important for Indo-US ties

The Trump government told the US Congress that defense cooperation with India would be an important pillar of the bilateral relationship as it needs the country to be a net security provider in the Indo-Pacific region. The Trump regime reported that Congress “strongly supports” the transfers of F-18 and F-16 combat proposals submitted by Boeing and Lockheed Martin, respectively. These proposals have the potential to bring Indo-European defense links to the next level, he said. “The reason why India’s defense cooperation is so vital to the interests of the United States because we need India to be a net security provider in the Indo-Pacific, a region that serves as a focal point for trade and commerce with nearly half of the world’s 90,000 commercial vessels under the United States flag and two-thirds of the oil sold in the region, “said Alice Wells, Deputy Assistant Secretary for South Asian and Central Asian Affairs, to a subcommittee of the Congress in a written communication.

Wells hopes to testify before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific on “Maintaining US influence in South Asia: 2018 Budget” on Thursday. He argued that the Indo-Asian Pacific region is also home to nearly half of the world’s population and some of the fastest growing economies on earth. Working with like-minded partners, India has the strategic and economic potential to defend the international order that has served so much humanity in the last seven decades. the investments we make in our security partnership will now pay dividends for decades, “he said.
As a democracy, the fight against terrorism is the top priority for India and the United States, he said. “India is in a dangerous neighborhood, where terrorist attacks have killed both Indians and Americans.

Joint training and capacity building are essential to expanding our cooperation in the TC area, “he said, citing the Department of State’s Terrorism Assistance Program (ATA) in which more than 1,100 Indian security has been trained in the United States since 2009. Wells said India is one of the United States’ key strategic partners in the Indo-Pacific region. ” In the words of President Trump, India and the United States has never been so strong, it has never been so good, “he said in testimony. Meeting with the Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi in June to give a positive and ambitious program to strengthen bilateral ties, particularly in the fields of defense, energy and trade, “he added.

In relation to trade between the United States and India in its written communication, Wells said that the economic relationship was largely on a positive trajectory and the United States should do more to balance the trade deficit between the two total US $ 30,000 millions last year. “We are working closely with the USTR and the Department of Commerce to address the concerns of the US business community in India, including tariff barriers and subsidies, location policies, investment restrictions and intellectual property issues that limit market access and prevent US exporters and companies from entering the Indian market, “said M Wells.” Our bilateral trade has more than doubled in the last decade, from $ 45 billion in 200 6 to more than $ 114 billion in 2016.

US exports to India support more than 260,000 jobs in the United States in all 50 states, “he said. committed to ensuring that the trade relationship with India is fair and reciprocal and continues to push India to open its markets and create a playing field for US companies. “According to Wells, the great opportunities lie in the civil aviation market in India In early January 2017, SpiceJet, an Indian private carrier, announced an order for 155 new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, taking its account for the aircraft model to 205 total aircraft.The final assembly of the MAX 737 takes place in Renton, Washington.

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